i wanted to see him again

maybe someday you will love me but i don't think that i can wait

i can't escape someone i don't want to let go. there will ever be this idea that there was something there
there will ever be this idea that i gave more, that you could see in, that i was more than hollow
that's the problem with dating--
until you learn to let yourself go, you don't know how to be enticing, treasures within,
you're simply empty, dusty, and (it seems) interesting only to those you don't want exploring.

i met him early, it's much too late to take it back.
and he's lost
and my heart is hollow
and i'm listening to old gray, aviator, and refused on spotify so they'll show up on my tinder profile
(and i will keep breathing but i won't feel alive)
maybe i'll find someone who likes music the way i do
maybe someone likes everything else the way he did, too.

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